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Fluorite / fluorite is a special stone with luminous properties. After a fluorite has a time in daylight located , the stone can start to glow in a dark room.


Fluorite is a stone that works well for people who are not so strong in their shoes. It takes you to the core and clarifies your mind. Fluorite works well in gaining insights, reduces chaos in your head and helps with loss of focus. Fluorite gives insight into your patterns and can help you break them. Fluorite reduces uncertainty. 


Fluorite is a stone that increases concentration and makes you more creative. The stone shows you that there is always a choice and gives you the courage to think outside the box. The stone helps with ADHD and anxiety and provides calmness. Hij protects you against negative energies and is a nice stone for people who quickly become overstimulated.


Fluorite can also help with asthma, lung problems or bronchitis. 

Fluorite worry crystals

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