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The Unalome is both a Buddhist and a Hindu symbol. It stands for the road to freedom. It also stands for enlightenment and its attainment. It reflects the life path we walk during our lifetime. Because life is full of obstacles and challenges, the possible knots/dots along the line, the shape of the Unalome is not symmetrical.


The sign consists of three parts: the spiral, the staircase and the end point.


The Spiral:the spiral represents the direction, are you going up or down. Your thoughts that keep circling around. With bumps, potholes, detours and unexpected encounters you become more and more aware. The spiral represents the state before you wake up.


The stairs:na de spiral comes the staircase that gets smaller and smaller and turns into a straight line. If you are aware of your thoughts, you can become silent. You have more focus and clarity, the road is less winding.


The straight line:  when you scribble out of the spiral, you suddenly see it all very clearly. Like a straight line. The way is pure, there you are free and you attain wisdom. That's the end goal.


The pendant includes chain.

Unalome pendant (silver)

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