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Coaching is a form of personal guidance based on an equal relationship. The coaching is aimed at creating awareness in a constructive, accessible and short-term way and to ensure personal growth and development.

Together we will find what is going on in your life right now and discover how you can move on from here. You will examine your own qualities, skills and pitfalls. By mapping these, we can work on your self-confidence and you gain a lot of self-knowledge. You will be able to use the discovered qualities and skills for the rest of your life in all kinds of situations that will come your way. 

When do you visit a coach?

- if you suffer from sleeping problems -

- if you feel stuck in daily life -

- if you feel like you're walking on eggshells all the time -

- if you want to work on your own development -

- if you want to learn how to deal with emotions -

- if you have trouble indicating your limits -

- if you need guidance during major events -

- if you want to learn to believe in yourself again -

- if you keep going back to the same patterns, for which you cannot find a solution yourself -​

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