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Nowadays there are so many stimuli around us that distract us and make us live less in the now than we would like. Meditation is a technique that allows us to relax our mind and enter a different state of consciousness by focusing on the here and now. Meditation is all about stillness, mental stillness.


During meditation it is important to let go of all the thoughts that are going through your mind and just observe and accept them. They may pass by, they may be noticed and then let go again. When you meditate, you observe your thoughts without judgement. In doing so you try to get to your true core.


Meditation has many positive effects, it reduces stress and frustration, it improves concentration, helps to let go of angry feelings and provides a better emotional balance. In addition, it teaches you to live more in the moment.


An easy way to start meditating is through guided meditation. During these meditation sessions you listen to my voice and I guide you through the meditation in a calm & loving way. A guided meditation is quality time for yourself, where you don't have to do anything and you can just relax.

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