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How great is it that you can learn how to use and pass on the universal Reiki energy? This immediately strengthens your own intuition and allows you to live and work more while guided by your feelings. ​


Do you want to discover what Reiki can do for you and the people around you? ​


Then register for a Reiki course and discover for yourself the many possibilities and power of the universal Reiki energy. Reiki enables you to activate the self-healing capacity in yourself and others.


During the course I will teach you how to work with Reiki energy and how to treat yourself and others. You will discover that using the universal Reiki energy will enrich your life and will support you on a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional level. ​


Refresher courses ​


Has it been a while since you have been actively practicing Reiki and would you like to refresh your knowledge? Then sign yourself in for a Reiki refresher course or for the combination Reiki 1 & 2 refresher course so that your energy can flow freely again?

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