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Do you feel burned out, do you have trouble concentration and do you feel completely drained at  the end of the day? Lots of people all over the world are dealing with stress and burnout.

Stress can improve your performance in short term.


But experiencing stress for a long time, is not healthy because your body can't recover and relax. Prolonged and excessive stress can effect your natural way of dealing with problems, setbacks and pressure. Reiki aims to restore balance to your body and mind and to regain your energy, hoping that your body's self-healing ability gets a boost. Reiki has a relaxing effect and helps bring your emotions back to a level where they can be managed.


Recognizing a burnout?

In the period prior to burnout, you often feel extremely tired . You can still do your job, but the workload and stress levels must clearly be adjusted. Stress and burnout can lead to various problems like the loss of concentration, extreme fatigue, emotional lability, memory- and sleep problems.

What can Reiki and coaching do for you?

Get in contact with me for a relaxing Reiki treatment and a listening ear. During a Reiki treatment your body is getting the relaxation which is needed. The relaxed feeling will be physical at first, but in the meantime your mental tension will also be addressed. A Reiki treatment can make an hugh difference in a stressful situation. In addition, we will do some coaching. Let's explore which is the best way for you to regain your own strength. Recovering from fatigue takes time and requires awareness to provide improvement. In the end, it's  a valuable experience and a positive turning point in your life.

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