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Autumn & the art of letting go💖

As I watch the first cooler autumn breeze blow through the trees, the leaves begin their graceful descent to the ground. They flutter and flutter down like confetti and create a breathtaking carpet of colors.

Autumn, with its crisp air and vibrant shades of red, orange and gold, has always been more to me than a time of shorter days and falling leaves. Because when I see the leaves descending to the earth, they remind me of the importance and beauty of letting go. When the time is right, the leaves of a tree gracefully surrender to the inevitable. To protect the tree because it needs its energy in a different way at this time of year.

Why would I continue to hold on to something that no longer gives me energy or that no longer adds to my life? Just as the trees shed their leaves to prepare for winter, I too must let go of what no longer serves me, or perhaps even prevents me from growing.


In Japan, the seasons are seen as the guideposts of life. It is for this reason that they place great value to the changing seasons, and autumn, "Aki" as it is called in Japan, is a time of reflection, a season in which the Japanese people cherish the transience of life. Because not only is the beauty of the changing season celebrated, but they also recognize the transient nature of life.


This Japanese tradition has taught me that nature shows me the way, the trees show me, they shed their leaves to save energy to survive the winter. That is why autumn is also the time for me to let go and every year I get to experience the beauty that lies within. It is so beautiful to say goodbye to everything that holds me captive and stuck in the past. To be able to let go of sadness and regret and to forgive myself for the times that I have lost the way to myself in the past year.

But is has also taughy me that it is important to enjoy every day. And to be grateful for everything I can and am allowed to do. Grateful for the freedom I have and the boundaries I can set for myself. And that it's okay to take a break every now and then, that I can take time for myself to just do nothing. That I don't always have to work 24/7.


I can try to follow nature's course. By going outside and enjoying myself. Or by going to bed a little earlier, now that it gets dark earlier in the evening. By ensuring sufficient relaxation and perhaps by saying no to others more often and yes to myself. To save energy in this way so that I can still feel good about myself during these dark months. Also, the use of Reiki helps me enormously, by giving myself a Reiki self-healing I can restore balance to my body and it gives

me a wonderful relaxed feeling.


You can't force letting go, you can only truly let go when you are ready to let it go. When your heart and head are on the same page. And letting go is done in phases, letting go bit by bit in each phase. Until you have the feeling that you can put it all behind you, that it is a part of your past that has no place in your future anymore.


🧘‍♀Use meditation techniques, meditation can help you release your emotional baggage by focusing your attention in the here and now, instead of getting stuck in the past.

🍂Go outside, take a walk. Exercise increases the production of endorphins, also called the happiness hormones. This can help reduce stress and tension, so that you become more able

to let go, which also contributes to reducing your emotional baggage.

📜Write down your thoughts and feelings, put them in a diary. Writing can be a big help, writing can give you more clarity about what is bothering you. It helps you to organize your thoughts.

💖Learn how to say 'no'. Setting boundaries is a powerful way to protect yourself, protect against further emotional baggage.

💫Give yourself a Reiki self-healing or go to a Reiki practitioner or Master for a wonderfully, relaxing Reiki treatment.

🙏Don't just forgive others for the pain they have caused you, but also forgive yourself. Try to accept that no one is perfect and be kind to yourself while letting go of old grudges or feelings of guilt.

🙌Be creative, paint, make music, dance. Art and creativity can be a powerful way to express your emotions and help you process them.

💕How you let go and say goodbye is a very a personal proces and a different one for everyone. Choose the way that suits you best and be kind and patient with yourself.

With love,


Advanced Reiki Master/Teacher @De Reikitafel

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