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Stress & burnout magazine!

Updated: Jan 17

We all experience stress from time to time, before a job interview or when we experience something new or unexpected. That's very normal. A little stress is not bad at all, it can even make us perform better, react faster and feel more energetic. However, stress can become a problem if we are under pressure or tension for a longer period of time and are no longer able to relax. Our stress system then becomes unbalanced and we can suffer from various physical and psychological complaints such as headaches, stomachaches, memory and concentration problems, sleeping problems and feeling tired and exhausted all of the time. We literally get burned out!

Stress or burn-out?

A burnout builds up gradually, usually we have been suffering from burnout complaints for months, but we kept going. Until we fell.

· But when is stress too much?

· What exactly does a burnout entail?

· How do you recognize the difference between stress and burnout?

· What can we do for ourselves in case of stress and burnout complaints?

In this first edition of Reikitafel magazine - Stress & burnout - these and many other questions will be explained. This magazine also contains many tips and simple tricks that can help reduce stress and burnout complaints.

Click on the cover or scan the QR code!

With love,


Advanced Reiki Master/Teacher De Reikitafel

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